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2000 AD PACK APRIL 2019
Neuer Artikel
               Autor: Various,
          Zeichner: Various
         Erscheint: 15.5.2019 (Geplant)
Previews-Seite: 353

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! Future lawman Judge Dredd battles against an enemy that had long since been buried beneath the ruins in 'Unearthed,' while new crime syndicate The Parliament emerges on the streets of MC-1 in 'The Long Game'; the wizard Ablard leads his party into the realm of the Stone People in Kingmaker: 'Ouroboros'; dapper narc Max Normal buys a shuggy hall containing a secret others are willing to kill to get their hands on in 'How the Max Got His Stripes'; Scarlet Traces returns, and the Martians launch their attack on Earth in 'Home Front'; and the Survival Geeks enter an RPG like no other in 'Dungeons & Dating (Basic)'!

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