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2000 AD PACK JUNE 2019
Neuer Artikel
               Autor: Various,
          Zeichner: Various
         Erscheint: 26.6.2019 (Geplant)
Previews-Seite: 356

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! New series 'Thistlebone' debuts this month, a dark folk-horror chiller as the survivor of a cult is drawn back to the woods where something ancient and unholy is thought to dwell. Return to the world of Absalom for the second book of 'Terminal Diagnosis,' as the copper and his team prepare to face the terrors of The Mills and rescue his grandchildren from the demons' clutches. In addition, fantasy saga Kingmaker comes its stunning finale, there's a desperate battle against the Martians in Scarlet Traces: Home Front, and future lawman Judge Dredd tackles crazed cadets and temporal anomalies!

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